Services are personalised with a caring approach to the Client’s needs, ideas, budget and expectations whilst creating a friendly and respectful working relationship. Attention to detail is important, with her ability to consider all components (interior/exterior/landscaping/final decorating etc) of the project so that the end result comes together seamlessly.

Kym has award winning experience in New Homes, Renovations and Commercial projects. 

New Homes 

  • Select/design all colours, materials and features to exterior
  • Co-ordinate exterior items (fencing, landscaping etc) to ensure continuity to total project
  • Work through floor plan with Client to ensure all needs are met
  • Select/design all materials/finishes required throughout house (eg. tiles, carpet, cabinetry, colours etc)
  • Select/design furnishings to complete project


Keeping in mind the existing constraints placed on many renovations, Kym will redesign spaces to meet all your requirements.

  • Redesign spaces/floor plan
  • Redesign kitchen and bathroom
  • Design cabinetry and select all materials/finishes

Commercial  (office/retail/hospitality)

  • Design floor plan
  • Design reception desk/area
  • Select all finishes/materials required to complete interior
  • Select and co-ordinate furniture and furnishings
  • Design of logo/branding/corporate colours and styling